Every year in Canada more than 40,000 workers lose time due to fall accidents when working at heights. Primeline Tools’ goal is to set a target of ZERO injuries for those working at heights. We aim to achieve this by spreading awareness on the conditions where injuries are likely to occur, and how to avoid them. We emphasize education in safety protocols, taking every precaution in preparation for the work, and the use of safety equipment of the highest quality.



Lost time can weigh heavily on both the worker and the employer. The losses caused by decreased productivity after an injury, and when recruiting/training a replacement can be significant. In order to reach a target of zero losses, employers need to take every precaution possible.

As an employer, you are required by law to take certain safety measures. Specifically, jobs that require working at heights have specific guidelines, which can be found here.

One flaw in a system that enforces mandatory guidelines is that it often results in employers only doing the minimum.

We encourage a change in mindset, where employers shift their top priority from satisfying guidelines, to targeting zero injuries. This entails conducting research not only on what safety equipment your workers will need for any given job, but also on where to get the highest quality equipment.



#TARGETZERO is a mindset that prioritizes the safety of workers, to make sure that they are able to go home to their families. It encourages practices that protect workers beyond the standard guidelines set by regulating bodies.

Workers who get injured usually have more to worry about than the injury itself; lost wages, the inability to perform daily tasks, the strain on loved ones, and the emotional trauma caused by the situation.

Whether you work independently or for a company, you share the responsibility of keeping yourself safe. As a worker, you should be informed of all necessary safety equipment and safety protocols that apply to your trade.

Targeting zero injuries means taking zero risks. Make no compromises when you purchase your gear and only buy that of outstanding quality.



The workers who build our homes and maintain our critical infrastructure are essential to our collective prosperity. As tool manufacturers and distributors, our focus is to make their work easy, efficient, accurate, and above all, SAFE. With the expansion of our fall protection and personal safety line, we are engaging in a worldwide effort to minimize and mitigate the risks of workplace accidents and injuries.

We are encouraging our business partners to join us in our #TARGETZERO initiative to provide easy and cost-effective access to the highest quality safety equipment, to educate the trades on its use, and to encourage workers to never take their safety for granted.