CAD $141.99

6' Dual Hook Shock Absorbing Lanyard

This 6' single-legged shock absorbing lanyard includes both a locking snap hook and a large locking rebar hook. This lanyard features a built-in woven inner core that expands in the event of a fall to reduce arrest forces. While this happens, the outer jacket acts as a back-up web lanyard for extra protection. Constructed with quality materials, but remains both lightweight and incredibly economical. It's particularly commonly used when there is a lot of fall clearance underneath but reliable and affordable fall protection is required.

Features & Specs

  • Built-in woven core that expands
  • Steel locking rebar hook and snap hook
  • Outer jacket that works as a back-up lanyard
  • Durable polyester materials
  • Lightweight and economical
  • Warning flag that provides visual proof if its experienced a fall
  • Meets ANSI Z359.13-2009, CSA, and OSHA standards
  • Worker Capacity100 - 254 lbs
  • Length9.00"
  • Width9.00"
  • Height9.00"
  • Weight2.18 lbs
  • UPC626939231621

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