CAD $259.99

24" Pitch Hopper

Built by roofers, the Pitch Hopper is designed to provide a comfortable, stable surface when working on residential asphalt shingle roofs. This innovative product reduces daily fatigue and increases productivity.

Features & Specs

  • Creates a temporary working surface on asphalt roofs for pitches ranging from walking pitch to 12:12.
  • The superior grip surface uses friction force to keep The Pitch Hopper in place.
  • The unique wedge shape features one side for lower pitch and one for steeper pitch allowing for versatile usage and maximum comfort.
  • Applications are not limited to roofing, can be used by insurance adjusters, wildlife/pest control professionals, residential painters, window installers, gutter servicing and chimney servicing.
  • Lab-tested to hold over 3,000 lb on a single Pitch Hooper
  • Available in 24" or 32" widths
  • Weight5.50 lbs
  • Height7.00"
  • Depth8.00"
  • Length24.00"
  • Steep Side Working Surface1.50 Square Feet
  • Lower Pitch Working Surface1.50 Square Feet
  • UPC626939733507

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