CAD $17.99

2" x 10" Roofing Bracket - 45°

The best and most economical solution for applications where consistent roof pitches and roof elevations are frequently encountered.

Features & Specs

  • Centrally mounted and welded steel ribbing plate with extra heavy duty welds which make them over 30% stronger than regular fixed roof brackets
  • Provides a built-in cord and hose management system that helps prevent accidental tripping or falling caused by entanglement in air hoses and electrical cords on roof decks
  • Made from 1/8" steel and features a double-welded base plate fulcrum and reinforced ribbing that eliminates roof bracket flexing under excess load conditions
  • Has a unique steel plate welded in to the load bearing fulcrum of each bracket that dramatically improves the strength and durability of the bracket compared to conventional roof brackets
  • Length17.00"
  • Width2.00"
  • Height5.74"
  • Weight2.54 lbs
  • UPC626939733255

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